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Reasons to Redesign or Update an existing Web Site

Styles change quickly on the World Wide Web. If a web site was built a few years ago to follow a particular style or trend, it may now have started to looked jaded and out of date. A Web Site Redesign can bring your Site up to date and give your Company image a fresh modern look

As your Business evolves or grows, you often need to add new information or products/services.
If your Web site is out of date or no longer relevant it can turn visitors away and have a negative effect on your Business image.

The major Search engines like Google prefer web sites that are constantly
being updated and added to. It is understandable that if the search Engines
see web sites in their listings that have remained static for a very long
period of time, they may believe that these sites have become redundant.
Search engines place active sites higher in their listings.

Web Site Redesigns are often simpler and cost less than having
a brand new web site built, because a lot of the copy and other
elements remain the same.