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Avius Design : Hosting

A web site is created on a single computer but for it to be available publicly it must be 'Hosted' on server. A server is simply a machine that is connected to the internet constantly and allows web users to connect to its files and view your web site. You can of course host your own web site if you have a machine that runs special server software, but in most cases clients prefer to pay to have a specialised hosting company take care of this. One of the reasons for not hosting your own web site is security. Because a host machine is allowing other computers from all over the world to connect to it, they become targets for Hackers.

Hosting companies not only host your web site on special machines, good hosts protect your files and make regular backups of them in case anything goes wrong.

The type of hosting you need depends on the type of web site you require. E-commerce and dynamic sites need to be hosted on machines that can handle database connections.
At Avius Design we appreciate that the clients we work with have busy schedules.
We understand that the setting up of a new Web Site can be confusing
and time consuming so we have partnered with several Hosting
Companies to offer cost effective, quality hosting to suit any Web Site.

We have three common hosting plans :

Bronze Hosting

1 years Hosting = £48 per year

Silver Hosting

1 Year = £58 per Year

Gold Hosting

1 year = £68 per Year