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Avius Web Design - Dynamic Web Sites

Dynamic Web Sites are web sites that work dynamically, in other words they take their content from a database and display it on the fly. For example if you had a property rental web site a person searching for a three bedroom apartment in london would get a completely different page presented to them than another person looking for a castle in Scotland. These results pages are built dynamically from the information within a database that is situated behind your web site on a server.

Most E-commerce web sites are dynamic sites. they take the products from your database and display them to the customer arranged dependant on their search criteria. Although
E-commerce or shopping cart sites are probably the most commonly known type
of dynamic web site, their are countless other ways this technology can be
used. Most dynamic sites have some sort of control panel that allows
the site owner to alter the contents of their site without having to
understand anything about the process of web creation.
Some examples of Dynamic Sites are listed below.

  • Galleries
  • Catalogues
  • Property sales and Rentals
  • Online booking systems
  • E-cards
  • Holiday Accommodation
  • Recruitment sites