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Avius Design : Domain Name

For your web site to be visible on the World Wide Web it must have a Domain Name. A Domain Name is simply a unique name that identifies your company on the internet and allows people to find your site. Domain names like should represent your company or the services you offer. When you get a domain name you also get email accounts with this name e.g. & When you buy a domain name it becomes your property but it must be registered every two years for it to remain in your control.

The end part of your domain name is called the extension and this is either country specific or describes the type of business you do. you can register the same domain name with different extensions if you wish.

Examples of some common extensions :

.com : this is short for commercial but is also the standard USA extension : this is a special extension for the UK

.eu : this is a relatively new domain name for Europe

.biz : business extension

.org : this is an extension for charities and organizations

.net : commonly used for Internet Service Providers

There are many more country specific extensions, and we can discuss
your requirements with you. If you do not already have a domain name
we will register one for you.

Typical Cost for Domain Names per two years :

.com = £35 for two years = £9.99 for two years

.biz = £35 for two years

.eu = £25 for one year